-Notice – 

Vehicle Reservations are intended for private passenger/recreational vehicles only, which are drivable and road legal. Please ensure that when making a reservation you accurately report the total length of your vehicle, including any item you may be towing. Failure to report the actual length will make your reservation null and void and will forfeit your deposit.

All commercial vehicles must be shipped through the Nunatsiavut Marine Freight Office. Commercial vehicles include trucks over 3/4 ton, trucks towing commercial trailers, cargo vans, transport trucks and/or tractor trailers, buses, and heavy equipment. Any reservations made for commercial vehicles are considered null and void, and deposits for such vehicles will be automatically forfeited.

For more information regarding travel on the M.V. Kamutik W please visit our policies page.

Please note that at this time, reservations cannot be made for the month of June due to unpredictable ice conditions on the North Coast of Labrador Ferry route.

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