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Policies & Procedures

Boarding Times and Baggage

Passenger tickets can be purchased and picked up at the ticket office during regular ticket office hours. Tickets will be sold up to one (1) hour prior to departure. Please be aware that there could be a line-up at the ticket booth, so tickets should be picked up as early as possible to avoid delays.

Passengers are reminded that they are allowed to travel with two (2) pieces of luggage and one (1) personal item. Passengers are permitted to bring one (1) piece of luggage onboard as a carry-on, and one (1) personal item. The other piece of luggage is required to be placed in the luggage bin inside the security gate. Both pieces of luggage will be tagged and any luggage without a tag will not be permitted past the security gate. Passengers have the option of shipping any extra luggage or items as freight, during regular freight office hours. 

Passengers are also reminded that boarding will commence for the Northern Ranger three (3) hours prior to the scheduled departure time. Access to the dock or vessel will not be permitted prior to this time. All passengers should be on board the vessel one (1) hour prior to departure. Passengers will need to have their tickets ready prior to being allowed through the security gate. No person will be granted access beyond the security gate without a passenger ticket. Assistance will be provided to those requiring help with their luggage or with boarding the vessel.


There will be NO SMOKING onboard the ship. We offer a smoke-free environment.

Travelling with Pets

Passengers travelling with pets are requested to advise the Reservation Office ahead of time by calling 709.896.2262.  There are limited kennels available and all kennels will be kept in a designated area.  To ensure that your pet travels with you, we recommend that you call ahead and reserve kennel space.   For the safety of other passengers and crew, pets are not allowed beyond the designated area.   All pets should arrive in a travel kennel when boarding the ship.  Larger dogs should be either muzzled or on a leash.  Pet owners are responsible for feeding their pets.  Water will be available on board.  Pet owners are also responsible to clean up their pet's wastes after it relieves itself.

Policy Regarding Passenger Conduct

Our company reserves the right to refuse passage to any person who appears to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or whose conduct is unsafe, unlawful or considered to be objectionable.

Any person who attempts to gain passage fraudulently, refuses to pay the prescribed fare or fails to produce proof payment of fare upon request may be refused passage.

Nunatsiavut Marine cannot provide direct supervision for children travelling alone and they must be accompanied with an adult or guardian.

Payment Information

A non-refundable deposit of $25.00 will be required at time of booking for each reservation, per trip ($50.00 when booking a return trip).
Visa, Mastercard and American Express are accepted. Nunatsiavut Marine does not accept personal cheques.    

Confirmed passengers will be given priority and walk-on passengers will be accepted only if there is space available.  

Onboard purchases and accommodations will be subject to a HST tax of 15%.   

HST is not applicable to passenger fares, vehicle rates and freight.

All prices are quoted in Canadian funds.

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