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November 15, 2018 - Acceptance of Cargo for Northern Ports to End in Happy Valley - Goose Bay
Nunatsiavut Marine would like to advise customers that north bound freight will no longer be accepted in Happy Valley — Goose Bay after Friday November 16. The MV Astron is expected to make her final sailing from Happy Valley — Goose Bay to ports North, early next week, pending weather.
Currently, there is limited space available for south bound freight that can be accommodated on the MV Northern Ranger. The vessel is expected to return to Happy Valley — Goose Bay from her North trip around the middle of next week, pending weather. She will then make her final trip to ports south to Black Tickle, and then continue on to Lewisporte.
Please contact the freight office in Happy Valley — Goose Bay prior to dropping off your freight, in order to avoid any confusion regarding what can or cannot be accepted.

November 8, 2018 - End of Passenger Service for the MV Northern Ranger
Nunatsiavut Marine would like to advise that Passenger Service onboard the MV Northern Ranger will come to an end on November 24, upon arrival in Black Tickle. Once passengers have disembarked the vessel and cargo has been discharged, the vessel will sail to Lewisporte to assist the MV Astron with freight deliveries to the North Coast of Labrador.
We are reminding customers that the acceptance of cargo in Lewisporte has ceased, and the acceptance of south bound cargo in Happy Valley — Goose Bay will end on or before Friday November 23, subject to available space. The acceptance of north bound cargo in Happy Valley — Goose Bay will end on or before November 19, subject to available space.  The acceptance of larger items in Happy Valley — Goose Bay that can only be accommodated on the MV Astron will end on or before the next arrival of the vessel in Happy Valley — Goose Bay, subject to available space. Please call the freight office prior to dropping off your freight in order to avoid any misunderstanding with regards to the acceptance of your goods for shipping.
Freight from coastal communities will continue to be accepted based on available space, planned routing, and ice conditions. Please note that guaranteed delivery deadlines still apply in all ports.

November 7, 2018 — MV Astron to Conclude Freight Service in Happy Valley — Goose Bay
Nunatsiavut Marine wishes to advise customers that the MV Astron is expected to arrive in Happy Valley — Goose Bay mid to late next week after making her way south from Nain, weather permitting. It is expected that the vessel will make her last scheduled sailing out of Happy Valley — Goose Bay for the 2018 shipping season.
Vehicles, large boats, and construction equipment can only be transported on the MV Astron. As such, this could be the last opportunity for customers in the coastal communities to ship these larger items to Happy Valley — Goose Bay. All large items destined for Happy Valley — Goose Bay, should already be at the dock and the required paperwork completed.
Nunatsiavut Marine is reminding customers that the guaranteed delivery cut-off date for contractors and construction equipment was Oct 15, and that the cut-off date for residential and general cargo was Oct 31.

Nov 2, 2018 —Freight Acceptance Ended in Lewisporte
Nunatsiavut Marine wishes to remind customers that the cutoff date for construction material was October 15th and residential/general cargo was October 31st.  As such, due to the high volume of cargo on hand, the Lewisporte freight office is no longer accepting freight for shipping. Customers who are already on our waitlist will be contacted and advised of an appointment drop off time.
We are putting a plan in place to ensure that all of the freight received prior to the cut-off dates is delivered to our customers. We will endeavor to deliver freight received after the cut off dates, as long as ice and weather conditions allow

August 6, 2018 - Cut-off Dates for the 2018 North Coast of Labrador Freight Service
Nunatsiavut Marine wishes to advise customers that the cut-off dates for the 2018 shipping season are as follows:
Oct 15, 2018 - Commercial Contractor Equipment and Materials

Oct 31, 2018 - All Other Residential Freight and Household Goods
Please note that Nunatsiavut Marine will continue to accept freight for shipping to the North Coast based on available space and routing as long as conditions allow. However, delivery of items received after the deadline cannot be guaranteed.

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