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August 6, 2018 - Cut-off Dates for the 2018 North Coast of Labrador Freight Service
Nunatsiavut Marine wishes to advise customers that the cut-off dates for the 2018 shipping season are as follows:
Oct 15, 2018 - Commercial Contractor Equipment and Materials

Oct 31, 2018 - All Other Residential Freight and Household Goods
Please note that Nunatsiavut Marine will continue to accept freight for shipping to the North Coast based on available space and routing as long as conditions allow. However, delivery of items received after the deadline cannot be guaranteed.

July 11, 2018 - North and South Coast passenger and freight season off to successful start
Despite the earlier challenges with ice conditions from Makkovik to north of Nain, Nunatsiavut Marine has successfully begun the shipping season with service to both the north and south Labrador coasts. The Northern Ranger has already made a complete trip to the south and north coasts, and is departing Cartwright today enroute to Makkovik and ports north. The Astron is on its way to Goose Bay after stopping at all ports on the north coast.
The freight volume at Nunatsiavut Marine’s warehouses have been average so far this time of year.
Northern Ranger master Captain Scott Chant reports that the presence of growlers and bergy bits has affected the schedule. During last week’s voyage, the ship was only transiting during daylight hours. He also stated that they were navigating as close to shore as was safely possible, in order to stay inside the ice edge. Captain Chant provided some photos of the ice conditions they encountered on the last trip. Ice conditions have improved dramatically and should no longer pose any delays in the schedule. 
The Ranger is on a load and go basis this trip to try and get back to the regular schedule as quickly as possible for all of our community residents and tourists.

July 7, 2018 - M.V. Northern Ranger Routing Update - Revised
Nunatsiavut Marine would like to advise the public that the MV Northern Ranger will depart Happy Valley - Goose Bay on Monday July 9th and call ports Rigolet, Cartwright, and then proceed to Black Tickle. The vessel will then depart Black Tickle and proceed to Cartwright, Makkovik, and all remaining Ports to Nain. Passengers are advised that the vessel will not return to Happy Valley-Goose Bay from South, until completing her North trip to Nain.
In an effort to get back on her regular schedule, upon departing Happy Valley - Goose Bay, the vessel will operate on a load and go basis until further notice. Passengers are reminded that boarding will commence at 10 AM on July 9th. All passengers should be on board by 12:00 PM.
Nunatsiavut Marine apologizes for any inconvenience caused by this temporary routing change. Ice conditions have caused significant delays and we are making every effort to get back on schedule while providing an essential service to the residents of the Labrador Coast.

- MV Astron Routing Plan -

The MV Astron will divert to Black Tickle on her way back from North to pick up empty fuel drums before sailing into Happy Valley - Goose Bay.

May 9, 2018 - Revised Policy Regarding the Transportation of Pets

Nunatsiavut Marine wishes to advise travellers that passengers travelling with pets are now required to supply their own kennel/pet carrier to allow for the safe transportation of pets on the MV Northern Ranger. The policy can be viewed by clicking here.
The policy is designed to protect you and your pet, as well as other passengers. Travellers wishing to bring their pets are advised that the Terms and Conditions for Pet Travel must be agreed to and signed prior to allowing your pet to board the vessel.
Nunatsiavut Marine thanks travellers for their patience and cooperation in this matter.

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